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How to Photograph Your Guinea Pig!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the Jiggley Piggley Farm animals!

Except for  just a few , I have done all the original photography on our site. Many of the earlier pictures were taken with a "point and shoot"  digital camera,  while I transitioned from film to digital photography.

Even with a basic "point and shoot", you too can get great photos of your guinea pigs, and other small animals.

Here are 10 tips to help you get great photos of your small animal companions. 



1) Get down to your guinea pig's level.

There are few exceptions to this rule. Pictures almost always come out better when shot from the level of your subject.

2) Avoid backgrounds that are too busy, or too close to the color of your subject.

I like to use natural backgrounds, but we're not always able to shoot outside.

Since the guinea pig is the focus of the picture, I often choose plain backgrounds, such as black velvet fabric, a sheet or a towel.

Don't choose busy patterns or like color to your animal. We do use occasional props for a touch of color, texture or humor, being careful not to overwhelm the photo though.

Below are some examples of other background choices...

With black velvet backdrop, Strudel's young owners hand made a perfect prop.

A natural patio stone and plant background.

The flowers are props added for color.

No special plan here, sometimes you just have to go with the flow and the background will be what it is.

Here are some examples of different backgrounds and use of props.



3) Try to get the head on an angle, and wait for some movement.

Shot directly from the side are often not very interesting. Try to wait for a bit of a head tily, be it up, down ,or to the side.

Also, guinea pigs will often just sit motionless when out for a photograph. Be patient and wait for them to move. Be ready...when they hit a natural pose for you, it will be worth it!

4) Don't Miss Photo Oppurtunities!

A bath... Mr. Wiggles gets a bath.

A Birth

A view of that too cute lower lip!


5) Shoot fairly close, as long as you're not chopping off tops of heads and limbs, you can dcrop o your final in your editing progam.

6) Experiment with your flash. It can help fill in shadows and bring out colors.

 Shoot a couple with flash, and couple without. See what's working best for your current situation.

7) If all else fails....

Throw in a cute kid.

Or another critter!

8) Play around with the possibilities that digital photography  has to offer....

Pippin by his hobbit hole.

Our "sorry, we're full" sign.

Cashew's Christmas shot.

 Don't forget  9) Rule are meant to be broken!

SamWise Gamgee


And lastly...HAVE FUN!

Newborns, all feet and head!

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