Jodie's Jiggley Piggley Farm

Halfway House for Unappreciated Guinea Pigs!

The "No Guinea Pigs Allowed"Page  or  "Other Stuff We Love!"


 Yes, there is life beyond guinea pigs here at the Jiggley Piggley Farm! 

          So, this page is dedicated strictly to things we enjoy, BESIDES guinea pigs. 


                             You won't find any little squeakers here!

Jodie is 18, and ever growing and changing, but at the moment....

Jodie loves...

Jodie enjoys the arts, and is quite a talented photographer and writer. She is also exploring painting, drawing and multi-media art. She has a flare for the unusual, and her work is quite unique. She also loves music and reading.

She graduated from high school with honors, and has now completed her first year in English Literature at John Abbott College.

Jodie loves photography

Believe it or not, That is Jodie crowd surfing right by Alex Turner at an Arctic Monkeys Concert!

Jodie has some terrific friends, and she values those relationships very much.

I enjoy...

Like Jodie, I also enjoy photography, and have dabbled in it since I was a teenager. I seem to do mostly small animal photography, as well as alot of cool guitars and gear for my husband's website. Guitars are intresting because they present some photographic challenges do the high gloss finishes many of them have.

I built, manage, and do all the photography for the Jiggley Piggley site, as well as both my husbands music sites.

It's another creative outlet, and something I really enjoy working on.

Currently, I 'm wrking with a group of terrifioc young men at CFER Riverdale. I feel very blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing

 young people. I think it keeps me young in spirit!

I also enjoy walking with my dog T-Bone, and spending time with my family. I don't have time for much more than that these days!

Other Animals We Own and Love


Our superstar Jack Russell!



We got Hoppy at a garage sale in 2007.

He's a sweetie.

Buddy! Everyones favorite camera hog!

Mr. Tweety McElroy

Gracie needed a friend, so I found Tweety on Kijiji.



Gracie was found walking around a swimming pool. She was just a baby.

She is about 7 years old now.