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There are plenty of ways to save money, and make neat things for your pet. Here are a few neat  things we've discovered over the years!

This is one of our c&c cages. It was 5 feet long and 3 feet wide. It's really better than store bought, costs little to build and doesn't take much time either. C&C cages are totally customizable to your tastes and space!

Follow this link, , for easy how to instructions on how to build your own c&c cage!

Make Kathy's Super Cool Racing Car Cage

   I LOVE this idea and I've seen this very toddler bed for sale at many garage sales! It's a variation of the C&C cage.  

Follow this link, to find the "how to" instructions. Make sure to fully explore while you're visiting. It's a GREAT site!

Build an Outdoor Pen!

       You can easily, and inexpensively, build an outdoor pen so your pets can enjoy the great outdoors, and they truly do!

We used the same "Cubic Design" grids featured on Omit the coroplast bottom and get creative with a lid.

Presto! You have an outside pen! Here are three pens with three lid options. Once you have a lid, you can custom size your grids to the lid size.

1) The pen was assembled and the lid fit was built to size from wood and wire mesh. It cost a little to make and was a bit of a job, but it's neat and secure.

2) The lid for number this one is a crib rail I salvaged from someones garbage. The plastic connectors on the cubes keep the rail in place. This works really great and cost $0.00!

3)The third one is a pot rack I found at a yard sale. It was made with a lip that holds it in place on top of the grids. Cost for this lid, 2.00.

The last two pens were not only inexpensive, but completed in only 20 minutes!


Guinea pigs are very susceptible to heat stroke. They must have water and water at all times when outside.

The sun moves throughout the day. Your guinea pigs may have shade when you put them out, but in an hour they may be stranded in the hot sun.

We have met several people who have lost their guinea pigs this way.

We shade our pens with towels and sheets. They are secured with clothes pins to keep the wind from blowing them off.

The tops of the pens are completely covered as well the sides where the sun will move.

Keeping your piggies happy in a Montreal heat wave!


When it gets really hot and humid, as it does in Montreal, your piggies need a break too!

Fill an empty pop bottle with water, any size will do, and put it in the freezer. When it's frozen wrap it in a towel and place it in your cavy's cage.

It didn't take Bubbles long to figure out where to park herself!

Make a "Mail a Pig Postcard"!

Here's an easy and fun craft idea for the kids to do on a rainy day.


All you need is...


craft foam in brown and in white


White glue


an unused postcard


two goggley eyes


a fine point black permanent marker


Make the outline of your guinea pig on a plain piece of paper, making sure that it is big enough to put your postcard on. You will cut it out and use it as a template. Trace the template of the guinea pig on to your brown craft foam and cut it out.


Glue the postcard on the back side, holding flat with a heavy book while drying.


On both sides, glue googley eyes, foam ears and with your marker draw eyebrows, nose and mouth. 


On the front side, use white craft paper to make the white patch.


When you're satisfied with your "jet set" cavy, write a note and mail him to a friend!



NOTE: colors and markings can be customized to look like any guinea pig you choose!  


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