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Here a some common things that can cause concern for the new guinea pig owner.



1) Don't be alarmed if you happen to notice that your new cavy has bald spots behind it's ears! It's not those yucky parasites, or skin fungus you have read about on the internet.

A Bald spot behind each ear is perfectly normal! All guinea pigs have tham, although it may be more prominent in some guinea pigs due to skin and coat color, as well as age.

2) Don't be alarmed if you see your guinea pig sit up on it's hind quarters, reach down to remove, and eat a poo from it's bottom!

This is called "coprophagy" and it not only normal, but necessary for your guinea pig's well being. The softer pellets that are eaten contain many important bacterias that are essential to the digestive system of your pet.


3) Don't be alarmed if you are awakened during the night by the sound of a chirping bird in your house!

This is a sound that isn't often heard in guinea pigs, but when it is, it's usually during the night. It is not really clear what the sound means, but it does seem to be stress related.

4) Don't be alarmed if your otherwise friendly guinea pig runs away every time you try to pick it up!

In the wild guinea pigs are prey animals, so naturally, when something swoops down over their head (in this case your hands) they will run away. This survival behavior is hard wired into their brains, and there are very few guinea pigs that do not do this.

Once safely in your arms, your pet will quickly relax and enjoy your company.

Don't be alarmed if you see a milky fluid in your guinea pig's eyes while it is grooming itself!

Guinea pigs secrete a milk-like fluid into their eyes as a natural part of their grooming process. It will disappear, as quickly as it appeared, once your animal is finished cleaning itself.


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Guinea pigs are also known as "Cavies".