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Lachute Flea Market

We have added 6 new pictures here from August 21. Jodie and I revisited the market with a better camera in hand...we added 6 new pictures........ On July 10, 2012, Jodie and I went Lachute Flea Market . We were shopping for various vintage items...unfortunately, we discovered two animal vendors selling many animals in dirty and crowded conditions. Everything from chickens and pigs, to puppies, rabbits and guinea pigs. It was quite sad and disturbing. Poor Jodie totally fell apart on the spot. In hopes of distracting her, I got her going with her phone camera, while I attempted to spring the 7 baby guinea pigs that were there. Couldn't get the prices down for 4 of them, but did manage to wrangle a do-able price for 3 crested babies. Here are Jodie's pictures. Sorry for the low quality, but we only had our phone camera with us.
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