Mr.Wiggles and Jinkies too! Mr.Wiggles and Jinkies too! Wigs Mr. Wiggles R.I.P. 09/05/05 163187846 Wiggles Original Adoption Photo We found Mr.Wiggles at the SPCA in 2002. It was one of our very first trips there. His date of birth was unknown, but he was probably around 3 years old. This was Mr.Wiggles original adoption photo. 163187855 Pet Therapy Calling! Due to his extremely calm disposition, he became our first therapy pig! travalling to local nursing homes with Jodie. 163187857 It's Hard Work! Even though we took every precaution to keep our animals comfortable, pet therapy is hard work! Nursing homes are warm and the animals are held a lot. After about a year on the job, Wigs was ready for a change... 163187856 Introducing Jinkies! He decided to become a full time companion to his cagemate Jinkies. Jinkies was a gentle soul who actually had been the inspiration for the Jiggley Piggley Farm. Jinkies had begun to lose her sight and Wiggles was always there for her. He kept her company and made sure she never lost her way. Sadly, Jinkies passed away on December 30th, 2003. You can read her story at the end of this piece. 163187853 Wiggles and Bridgette Shortly after the loss of Jinkies, Wiggles moved in with Bridgette, another special needs pig. Bridgette had large ovarian cysts and was unable to go up for adoption. They made a great pair! 163187848 OH NO! Wiggles surgery site! Around this time, Wiggles developed a very large tumor on his side. It was growing rapidly, so even though we were quite sure it was benign, we decided to have it removed. The incision was much larger than we expected, and poor Wigs had a terrible time recovering from his surgery.It took several weeks for him to begin to move around and eat on his own, and many times we though we were going to lose him. 163187860 Volunteers Caring For Wiggles Young volunteers were coming in to help hand feed him and keep him clean and comfortable. Fortunately he did pull through and we learned an important not submit guinea pigs to surgery unless they have a life threatening or painful condition. When Wiggles was fully recovered he received the position as the official mascot! 163187861 Zip Sadly Bridgette died on October 16, 2004. She lived a good life despite her condition, but they finally weakened her to the point that she was no longer mobile. We decided to have her euthanized. After an appropriate mourning time, he moved in with Zip, the last remaining female of a trio we had aquired 2 years prior. Her sisters had been adopted, but Zip had several cysts on her abdomen. They didn't bother her, and with Wiggles hard lesson under our belts, we just let her be. She lived with Wigs and enjoyed a quiet life on the Jiggley Piggley Farm. 163187849 Mr. Wiggles resting place On the morning of September 4, 2005, we discovered Wiggles was not eating or moving. We kept him warm and comfortable, and early the following morning he quietly passed away. We were very sad to see him go, as he was one of our founding piggies and he was a very sweet animal. Mr.Wiggles final resting spot in a leafy corner of our large property. He was buried beside his former girls, Jinkies and Bridgette, and later joined by Zip. 163187852 A few more photos of Mr.Wiggles... He liked to romance the girls! 163187862 Wiggles in the pumpkin patch! 163187858 Bathtime Gosh, he was chubby and cute! 163187851 YUM! Wigs and Jinkies having a little feast. 163187854 Sunny Days Wiggles loved going outside. 163187847 His final photo The last picture I took of Mr.Wiggles. 163187850 Sweet Jinkies Along with 3 other piglets, Jinkies was born long before Jodie had hatched her Jiggley Piggley Farm idea. Jinkies Mother was Jodie's first guinea pig, Wee Willy Winky. We had bred Winky and her delivery was a disaster. We lost Winky and two babies, only Jinkies survived. It was Jodie's first experience with the loss of a pet, and the last time we ever bred any of our animals. In the absence of her Mother, I hand reared Jinkies. When she was old enough, we gave her to an excited family who wanted a companion for thier guinea pig. Just 6 months later, Jinkies and her cagemate were returned to us. The Adults in the family stated that the children were tired of them! It was precisely then that Jodie started to wonder out loud, "How many rejected guinea pigs were floundering in basements all over Montreal?" Our little Jinkies was truly the inspiration for this ever snowballing, mother/daughter project! Jinkies lived out the rest of her life with us and Wiggles. She was an ever present, cheerful fixture in our home. She passed away quietly on December 30th, 2003. 163234342