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"Jiggley Piggley History"  or  "How We Came To Be"!

I had owned guinea pigs as a child and even as a young adult. When Jodie was around 5 years old, I decided it was time for her to have a guinea pig of her own too! Secretly of course, it was just as much for me too! We aquired Wee Willy Winky from a nieghborhood pet store.

Shortly, she was followed by a pair of teddys, and then a pair of satins. We got them from "breeders", and although I was very well versed on the dog breeding industry, we were still quite niave as to some of the goings on with small animals. We had a few litters, and soon realized that the people that were taking babies from us were often returning them, and in most cases, in quite a short period of time.

We decided that breeding our guinea pigs was probably not a good idea. Jodie speculated that alot of guinea pigs must be unwanted, in basements and garages, all over Montreal! She hatched the idea of rescuing a few. I was game, so we ran a classified ad in the local paper, and the rest was history.

Jodie's Jiggley Piggley Rescue Farm was born in September of 2002. Our snowballing project grew quickly, from a few small cages on our basement counter, to two guinea pig rooms that would often spill over into the rest of the house.

Soon we had a website, held adoption events, fundraising activities, gave presentations on small animal care, rescue and the responsability that comes with ownership. Jodie's little idea had  


taken on a whole life of it's own. It turned out to be a fabulous learning experience for both of us.

Ten years later many hundreds of guinea pigs have past through our care. We have since changed homes, and what was a garage is now a fully renovated, air conditioned, facility for small animals.

Not only do we run a rescue operation, but we also offer hay and bedding, grooming and boarding to small animal owners.

Jodie has had the privlege of growing up surrounded by animals that need help. She has learned kindness and compassion for animals, as well as  the people who bring them to us. 

I never could of predicted where my little girl's idea was going to take us.


A Blast from the past!

Two Early Jiggley Piggley Farm Videos 2003 & 2004


Jodie's Jiggley Piggley Farm

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